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My desk with Blue Bird ready for typing

July 11, 2011

Yes that really is my desk, in MY room, with mostly my typewriter (with computer aided photos effects which are not mine).  It’s my dads typewriter but since it has spent the last 10-15 years in some dark hidden corner of the garage I think it is fair to say that its mostly mine now (since I rescued it).

It’s great how these old mechanical machines are so sturdy. All I did was wipe, rub, blow off the dust and put a two colour ribbon in it and hey presto its still works. It’s made in Germany and is an all black deal.  I absolutely love the sound it makes.  The only negative is that because I’m so delighted with it I want to write (type)  something with it any chance I get. So I have taken to writing letters. Yes, real letters, written with a typewriter, folded, put in an envelope and mailed. So beware I have rescued a typewriter and you might be the next victim of my indiscriminate letter writing ways.

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