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Mami Lina’s recipe for Chop Suey

January 22, 2012

Putting the chopping into the suey

Over the Christmas break I had the tasty privilege of eating a vegetable dish at my Aunt’s house in Rawalpindi. They said it was called chop suey and I assume that it is a common dish in the Philippines (as my Aunt is Filipino).  I liked it so much that I got them to show me how to make it.

Since returning back to Lahore for college I’ve been wanting to make it but have lacked the motivation, time and also confidence to try it all on my own. So when my mother came to visit last weekend I decided to get her to help me. And we were successful in making a very tasty, healthy and non-spicy meal. It’s nice to eat something not soaked in red spice and gharm masala. Most of the recipes on the internet  are quite different from the one below. It seems most chop suey(s) have egg and meat in it.  The only thing which seems similar is a Indonesian style chop suey called “Cap Cai”.

Anyway, its a vegetable dish and its very tasty and my aunt calls it Chop Suey. Here is the recipe that I got from my aunt Mami Lina.


1 medium sized cabbage (chopped)
3 medium sized carrots (sliced into small pieces)
3 medium sized capsicums (sliced into small pieces)
1/4 kg fresh beans (chopped)
2-3 spring onions (chopped)
2 onions
1 tbs garlic (pounded or chopped)
4 tbs cooking oil
3 tbs Mama Sita’s oyster sauce
3 tbs National soy sauce
3 tbs corn starch dissolved in 1 cup of water added with 2tbs Mama Sita oyster sauce
salt to taste
1/2 tsp black pepper
a pinch of sugar
1) On a medium flame saute the garlic till golden brown. Then add onion and stir till crystal clear.
2) Throw in the fresh beans and stir, followed by carrots and cabbage. Stir together for about half a minute just so they are covered in the oil mixture.
3) Finally add the capsicum and stir. (capsicum is added at the end so as to retain it’s fresh green color)
4) Now for the sauces: Pour in Mama Sita’s oyster sauce (keep stirring during the whole process) and soy sauce.
5) Add salt according to your liking. Sprinkle the black pepper. (Make sure to taste while you’re cooking)
6) Tastes salty enough? Good. Now a little sugar to balance out the flavors. Not too much. Just a pinch should do the trick.
7) Lower the flame and cover the pot/skillet for 5 minutes. Make sure the vegetables don’t lose their crunch.
8)Finally add the corn starch mix and give it one final stir.
Your chop suey is ready to be served with steaming hot fresh boiled rice. Bon a petite!

The end product (apologies for cameraphone photo)

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