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Chicken Curry with gravy

September 5, 2014

Chicken Curry with gravy



Onions x 3 (medium/large)                                                          2 ½ tsp salt

Oil ¼ cup + (a later 1 Tbl spoon)                                                 ½ tsp turmeric

Tomatoes x 4                                                                                     ½ tsp Achar ghost

2/3 KG chicken

1 ½ Tbl spoon + 1 tsp spoon mashed garlic



Chop onions finely (dice). Crushed garlic in pestal. Chop tomatoes.

Add ¼ oil cup oil. Fry 5 to 7 minutes.

Add garlic, chicken, salt and tomatoes. Mix together and cook on high flame. “Boon” it. Add achar ghost mix. Keep stirring until it gets dryish. 10 min cook. Keep mixing until it is really dry. Add 1 table spoon oil and to get it really dry. Until it is almost touching.

Add 4 cups water. Cover and cook on high heat. Once boiling after 5 min lower heat. Cook for 25 minutes.


Brown Rice



Onion x 1 (small)                                                              2.5 cups rice

Oil ¼ cup                                                                              ½ Tbl garlic (crushed)

Yakni x 1 packet (or half cube)                                    1. tsp salt + (1 tsp later)




Chop 1 onion finely. Heat ¼ cup oil and fry onions until dark brown/black. Add ½ cup water along with ½ Tbl spoon garlic, yakhani, salt and cook for another 15 minutes until sauce is black.

5 cups water added to sauce (double the amount of rice). Heat water till boil. Rinse rice in water. Add ½ tsp salt. Add then add to boiling water. Cover it and stir it occasionally. Once water goes down to show top of rice, then reduce heat and let it cook on lowest heat for 15 minutes. Check when water is dry then remove from heat.


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